9 Marketing Strategies For Auto Repair Shops In Australia(Marketing for mechanics)

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Marketing For Mechanics In Australia: You can’t just sit around and wait for customers to come in if you own an auto repair or mechanic shop in Australia due to the competition in this industry. 

You must make an ongoing effort to attract new customers and urge current ones to return. 

You’ll need auto repair marketing methods that bring clients in regularly.

Fortunately, creating a marketing strategy for your mechanic or auto repair business isn’t difficult.

Are you unsure where to begin when creating effective campaigns for your auto repair business? Continue reading to see the best strategies to grow your mechanic shop.

You can increase your company’s visibility and attract new consumers with a few deliberate and targeted marketing strategies.

Here are some great auto repair marketing strategies you can use now and in the future to promote your mechanic shop:

Send Regular Emails

Use Wifi Marketing or a written form to collect email addresses from your customers and deliver an email newsletter.

Email is a direct form of communication that allows you to stay in touch with your customers. It will, however, only work if you adhere to a few recommended practices.

  • Be aware of your target market

You should determine your target audience before curating valuable and relevant content. You can develop more appealing and fascinating material for your audience if you know who you’re talking to.

  • Segment your target market

Use tags to identify the characteristics and behaviors of each consumer as you create your email list (i.e., oil change customers, auto repair customers, truck owners, etc.).

After that, only send emails to segments related to the email’s content.

  • Offer more than just promotions

Customers like deals, but they don’t like being inundated with marketing and promotions. 

Share more useful and valuable material than promotional and sales-focused adverts in your email communications to keep things balanced.

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Email Or Text Personalized Service Reminders And Deals

Another method to set your mechanic shop apart is to offer individualized purchasing experiences. 

Collect data from customers (Wifi Marketing makes this simple!) and construct profiles that will help you to see when a consumer is due for a service. Then send customers targeted, customized reminders and deals via email or SMS. Deals could include the following:

  • With the purchase of another service, you get a free service (free tire rotation with tuneup)
  • Discounted service when another service is purchased ($10 oil change with tuneup)
  • Discounts in dollars ($10 off an oil change)
  • Discounts in percentages (20 percent off an oil change)
  • Specials for the season ($15 off A/C check-in during christmas season)

Establish A Follow-Up Plan

Following up with customers after they’ve visited your website is another approach to stay in touch with them. 

Create a system that forces you to call each of your clients after completing service with your company. This is one of the auto repair marketing methods that allows you to get feedback on your work and build a stronger, more personal relationship with your clients.

Make Explanatory Videos Available On The Internet

Videos are an excellent method to attract consumers’ attention and provide them with useful, visual information about their vehicle and the services they seek. You can upload the videos to your company’s YouTube page or embed them directly into your website.

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Make Good Use Of The Internet To Connect With Locals

While the internet may appear to be a tool for interacting with individuals worldwide, it can also be beneficial for connecting with people in your vicinity. 

Local customers looking for an auto shop or mechanic near them can be targeted using auto repair marketing strategies below:

  • Optimizing your website for local SEO to get leads
  • Using Google ads and Facebook to target customers in your area
  • Creating Yelp profile and Google Business pages

Establish A Referral Bonus Program

You may incentivize your consumers to work for you by creating a referral program. 

Inform current customers to earn some freebies, service discounts, and contest entries if they refer a new customer to your company. 

You might also consider giving little rewards to new clients who were referred, as this will encourage them to join your referral program and refer more people. 

Create A Blog

Blogging is a valuable tool for informing and connecting with clients and ranking your auto repair website articles on search engine result pages.

Stick to a timetable even if it’s not required to post daily. Your blog isn’t intended to be a sales pitch. It’s a chance to impart knowledge about your industry, client demands, and the need for routine car maintenance.

Encourage Social Media Participation

Use your social media networks to produce and promote informational and entertaining content.

It’s not necessary to be active on every social networking channel available. Create a Facebook profile at the very least as part of your car repair marketing efforts, and routinely update your page with content that would be of interest to your target audience.

All of your material doesn’t need to be about vehicle repair. It could be about anything to do with cars, driving, your shop, such as:

  • Tips for safe driving
  • Advice on car maintenance
  • Travel advice
  • Traffic updates
  • Photographs of your employees and the location 
  • Success stories from customers
  • Information on upcoming local events
  • Encouragement of community initiatives
  • Offer discounts and promotions in exchange for likes and shares.

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Reward Customers For Social Check-Ins And Mentions

Take your engagement to the next level. Positive social media mentions of your firm will help you achieve your goal. 

They’re like a free advertisement because they expose your business to a broad audience without demanding any effort or money from you.

As a result, encourage your customers to promote your business and check in on social media while on vacation.

If you offer incentives like check-in bargains or contest participation, customers will be more likely to share their visits on social media.

Final Thoughts

With a clear aim in mind, developing a marketing strategy for your auto repair or mechanic store is a no-brainer!!! 

Follow these excellent marketing tips for mechanics, you’ll see an increase in the number of people that come to your store.

Do you have an auto repair shop or business in Australia?

Get in touch with us today to take your business to the next level. 

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