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This is a rant because I’m tired of gurus only giving advice on things they have been doing for 6 months and newbies wanting to start here.

All of these things are just tools to use to spread awareness of whatever you’re offering. But if you don’t understand the fundamentals of marketing and consumer behavior, you’re just going to be wasting time and money on these platforms.

People go into learning FB ads and SEO before they even know how to write copy that connects with people emotionally.

Do you know how to influence people with your words?

Do you know what problems they even need to be solved?

Do you know how to build trust with people so they’re actually interested in hearing more of what you have to say?

You probably don’t, but you know how to target people’s interests and demographics on FB so you think you’re ready and then you don’t get any clicks or conversions so then you give up and say social media marketing isn’t worth it.

Understand human psychology. Introduce ideas in new ways to build curiosity. Create content that tells a story that your audience can relate to and see themselves in.

Good marketing makes people feel like their prayers are being answered and not just being sold to for your own financial gain.


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