How Dentists are Increasing Visibility with Dental SEO Strategies in 2021

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Why Dentists are Turning to Dental SEO for their dental practices.

A lot of dentists are quickly learning just how important Dental SEO is for their practices. They’re redesigning their websites to keep in contact with patients and attract new ones, and some of them are even adopting content marketing strategies to get more shares on social media. However, these creative marketing efforts will go unnoticed if they aren’t optimizing for SEO. That’s where dental SEO comes in!

What is Dental SEO in Australia?

Dental SEO is a strategy that can help your dental practice show up earlier (ideally first) on search engines like Google and Bing without needing to purchase advertising. It may also have other benefits, such as attracting new patients through increased visibility or generating more referral traffic from websites like Yelp! Many Dentists in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne are discovering the benefits of dental SEO and showing up first in search results when people search for “Dentist in Brisbane” and so forth.

Patients want faster service and flexibility when it comes to finding medical care. They’re turning away from traditional brick-and-mortar practices in favor of more tech-savvy, faster and cost-effective dental providers. The problem? These practices may not show up on the first page of Google search results! Dentists are quickly learning just how important SEO is for their practice’s visibility online.

How does Dental SEO work?

Today you need to put a lot of work into your website. You need to have a good website that people can find. And when they find the site, it has to be full of stuff that is good for them too. When you do this, people will come and see what you have for them and buy things from you.

Dentist SEO is the difference between having an optimised high-quality web page and not having one. With the right dental SEO, your practice’s website will rank higher in Google searches than before. This higher visibility will have a positive impact on your practice, as you can reach more prospective patients. It also allows for more time to spend practising dentistry and less time struggling with marketing and business development!

So what does Google look for on my Dentistry website?

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. It’s used by over 90% of all internet users in some form or another every single day! Google collects data from its billions of daily visitors, and then uses that information to rank web pages for relevant keywords. It looks at what users do when they visit your website.

One way you can get more traffic through your website’s ranking is by ensuring that you have a quality page with content-rich keywords. A lot of people don’t realise this, but Google also looks for other things like your PageRank, the number of pages linking to your website and how many words are on each page in order to rank it higher.

Here is an example from Google’s Search Results:

Keyword search: “Dental Brisbane

This is Google’s ranking for Dentists in Brisbane.

Google has ranked websites at number one two because they contain a high number of quality keywords, and looks like an authoritative website with more content than other websites in its category. The backlinks are also higher which tells Google that this website is worth ranking.

What does being trusted by Google mean for my Dentistry Practice?

It means that you are giving yourself more authority in the eyes of your potential and current patients. This is because Google now ranks dental websites higher for related keywords than they did before, which can mean more traffic to your practice website!

But what about my competition?

Being at the top of search results will make it difficult for competitors to rank their websites higher than you. This is because Google will rank your website for more keywords that are related to dentistry, and this means they’ll be ranked lower in search rankings!

So how do I get started with SEO?

If you want to start optimizing your dental practice’s site, there are some really easy things you can do – read below to find out what those are or contact us to chat about how we help today.

What more can I do to increase my dental SEO?

There are many things you can do to make sure your Dentist’s practice will rank higher in Google searches, such as:

  • Optimizing for keywords and getting relevant backlinks (this means posting blogs and content that mentions keywords such as “Dentist in Cannon Hill” or “Dentist Dandenong” – depending on where you are.
  • Using detailed meta descriptions that accurately describe your page’s content
  • Using quality images to make your page more attractive
  • Improving website loading speed so that it is quicker for users – this will have a positive impact on its ranking and usability.
  • There are thousands of factors to be aware of, so it’s worth hiring an SEO expert such as Better Marketing Results. See our prices on our Pricing and Reviews page.

Further Details: Other things you can do to your dentist website SEO to make it more trusted by Google and rank better:

Dental search engine optimization, or SEO, is a crucial component of proper dental website development. You must optimize all individual pages to improve your organic rankings in the search engines and drive traffic back to your site. Here are some simple on-page SEO best practices that we follow when optimizing client pages:

When building your dentist practice website page, be sure to start with the right keywords.

A proper local SEO strategy for dentists is key to being findable in search engines. The idea is to focus on your target keywords and then work from there by adding related keywords. All the while, you must do this without diluting your content. If Google sees that you are trying to manipulate its algorithm by stuffing keywords into your website unnaturally, it could actually lower your rank.

The most important aspect of dental SEO is the content that you place on every page, because it will have a direct impact on how many people find and ultimately convert into patients. The best way to ensure high rankings in Google search results for keywords like “dental clinic” or “cosmetic dentist” is by using relevant keywords in your content.

Make headings meaningful & use them to assist user navigation

Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site. Use headings (e.g., H1, H2) and subheadings throughout all parts of your site so it’s easy for Google’s algorithm to scan through and optimize content according to its specifications, which helps in part with higher rankings

Build internal links on your Dentistry practice’s website

Within your website, interlink to other pages so that visitors can browse more of the site. Search engines respond better when a deep link is found on the page, which means it will rank higher in searches.

Sparingly use outbound links

Relevancy for search engines is very important. You can link out to other websites within your niche or the local community and gain a high relevancy rating in Google as well as rank with keywords you’re trying to target.

Quality over Quantity when it comes to SEO for Dental Practices.

It doesn’t matter how many quality backlinks and social shares your page has if the quality of content and links is low. Google will rank your dental SEO higher, even if it had fewer inbound links, if they are of high quality. Once you’re satisfied that your Dentist’s website has a high-quality onsite presence, work on increasing both the quantity and relevance of external links to increase its ranking with relevant keywords.

##How much does Dental SEO Marketing Cost?

Price ranges for dentist SEO providers are as follows:

– The lowest is around $800 with no guarantees of results.

– Price range from $800-$1600 may get you average results depending on the local competition and size of your practice, but in some cases it would be better to start at a higher price point if more competitors exist.

– A high quality service can cost up to $2000+ per year (depending on how much attention is needed) while still having an excellent ROI based off Google rankings alone.

Better Marketing Results offers dental SEO marketing services that will boost your ranking organically through proven strategies and techniques. With pricing starting at only $1,049/ month, we offer affordable SEO services with a high ROI based off Google rankings alone. We also have multiple case studies which we can show you to prove results we get for clients.

Who’s the Ideal Dentistry SEO Client for Better Marketing Results

“Hi John, thanks for giving me a call. I’m Tom and I’ve been in this game for over 10 years now. How can I help you with your dental practice?”

John had called Better Marketing Results to find an SEO provider that would actually understand the needs of dental practices. He was sick of being passed around from one person to another who all seemed to be telling him something different than what he needed; no one seemed accountable for results!

Tom was happy that John wanted someone who could chat face-to-face – it made his day when people were looking out for their own interests before outsourcing everything they didn’t want to do themselves! He asked about John’s goals and found them easily achievable through some simple adjustments to his website content and some off-site optimizations.

John was happy that he got a clear look at what needed to be done for success in search engine rankings, but most importantly he knew the company would have an accountability system set up so they could track progress and give him weekly updates on how things were going. He hired Better Marketing Results after Tom gave him confidence through knowledge of SEO strategies backed by experience.

If you want dental SEO marketing services with monthly pricing starting from $1,049/month, contact us today!

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