SEO PRoposal for QLD Business Basics Grant ($5,000)


Applications open May 31st 2021

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Fill in our form to be sent a proposal for SEO Strategy & Implementation over 4 month. This proposal is valid to submit with the QLD Business Basics Grant Application for $5,000

Our Service

SEO Strategy can be covered under the $5,000 QLD Business Basics Grant. Our proposal is designed to give you 4 months of SEO advice & management – all covered under the government grant. Our service will help you move your business to the top of Google search results over 4 months, with the goal of bringing more leads into your business and achieving your business growth.

This SEO Service $RRP is $1,500/mo so this package represents a

16.7% discount to $1,250/mo ($5,000 total)


Your Proposal to Submit

What you need to Know

  • You must have under $300,000 turnover for 20-21 tax year & be QLD based (more eligibility criteria can be found below).
  • Applications close when enough applications have been received or 30 Jun 21′.
  • Things to do right now: You will need a Statutory Declaration, and a Proposal to Submit a grant application. We are providing the proposal, but you need to go get a statutory declaration now.
  • We strongly suggest being the first to submit your grant on Monday morning (30th) for any chance at receiving the grant. These types of grants have filled up within one day in the past.

You Can Also Fill in the Form Below To Be Sent an SEO Proposal Valid for Grant Submission

More Grant Information

You will need a Statutory Declaration, and a Proposal to Submit a grant application

To complete the grant application before other businesses and get in fast, the main thing that will take time will be getting a STATUTORY DECLARATION and a PROPOSAL for services. The government requires this. We are providing the proposal now, but you will need a certified statutory declaration from the business’ owner or director stating the business:

  • does not have a turnover* exceeding $300,000 per annum; and
  • meets all grant eligibility criteria; and • supplier quotes (no more than two) detailing description and costs of services, who will undertake the activity, and an outline of key activities.

We recommend getting the statutory declaration as quickly as possible, to submit with your proposal for the grant.

Program key details
Eligible business size Small businesses
Status Pre-launch
Opening date Applications open 31 May 2021
Closing date

Applications close when (whichever happens first):

  • we receive sufficient applications for a competitive assessment
  • or
  • 30 June 2021.

Note: This grant program is competitively assessed. Not all applications will be funded.

Key documents

Real people. Real stories. Testimonials for our services

Submitted by clients

They have always been able to help us get the right strategy and tools in place to get better results when it comes to our Marketing.


“I have no hesitation in recommending Tom largely because, in a world where people are not very trusting and particularly of SEO, you won’t find someone more authentic & honest as Tom. In fact he won’t take them on as a client unless he believes he can get them a significant increase in ranking with his SEO work.


Google Reviews

What We Do

We specialize in

While we build tailored strategies and services for each unique business, there are a few areas where we already have the winning formula.

If you’re in Accounting, Law or a Small Business – chat with us about our experience on what works and what doesn’t.

We also focus more on organic rather than paid lead generation. We want your business to show up naturally,  not only when you pay for it. We consider this a far more long term solution.


Accounting Industry

We work with over 20 accounting firms, most of which had ‘never had to market before.’ We showed them the possibilities.

Small Business

We partner with small business to bring work in the door in the long term, based on a partnership model.

Legal Industry

Whilst traditionally relying on referrals, we’ve built specific strategies to boost the growth of legal practices.

Organic Growth

We focus much more on achieving organic growth for business, as opposed to paid advertising. We believe in building lasting assets that deliver results.